Lets face it, if you’re not keeping yourself up to date and current with whats going on in the world, be it design, architecture, painting, teaching, whatever have you, then your doing yourself a disservice. There are a ton of sites you can go to that compile all the latest design trends into one, example, design shack ( but one of my new favorites is siteinspire. Much like Design Shack but solely for the web. You can search for hours and find many ways to spark your creativity. This site was recently developed and features over 2700 examples of web and interactive design each hand picked by talented people at Howells-Studio.


Nate Hanson

As I jump from website to website there are bits and pieces that I love, pieces I covet, that I want to be my own. Nate Hanson has captured everything a girl could ever want and put it into a beautiful, simple, clean website, its pure perfection my dear.

From the clean, clever & creative logo you are met with, to the pop of color and elegant choice of typeface, this website is it. I couldn’t ask for something more aesthetically pleasing, could you? Nate Hanson’s website is simple and clean, I cant say that enough, but yet captures you, forces you to explore ever inch the site has to offer. Touche my friend, touche.

Nate Williams

San Francisco Chronicle Datebook
San Francisco Chronicle Datebook

Nate Williams is a master illustrator. How else can I put this?

For someone like myself, who is grid oriented, who throws away a simple sticky note if the lettering is not precise  this is  something I could only strive for. His work frees the soul it seems, yet is refined enough to get the attention of even the most buttoned up graphic designers. I felt obliged to pass on his work to the rest of the world.

Mock Me Up

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I wanted to share with you a new website I found. New to myself, maybe old to others. Anyhow, instead of creating various product mock ups in Photoshop (that can take hours on end if you as critical as I am) this site has multiple different templates already mocked up (ex: iPad, brochures, potato chip bags, etc.)

Here is a quick tutorial as well: